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Executive Jobs posting

  • advertise your role to target senior level managers and achieve more potential candidates
  • receive applications from experienced and talented executives
  • have your role sent directly to our exclusive executive audience

Headhunt leading talent

  • find passive job seekers matching your confidential position criteria
  • choose candidates seeking positions matching their advanced experience, talents and aspirations
  • be confident that your company information and orders are always confidential

Free Recruiter Profile

  • promote your brand to C-suite decision makers across the Baltics
  • executives can follow Recruiter‘s (company’s or headhunter’s) profile for job updates

Reputable Recruiters only

  • only trusted recruiters and headhunters can use our platform – strict vetting


Interim Executive Services

  • seasoned executives serve in leadership, financial management, operations and functional management roles
  • these roles may include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs and the senior positions that report to them
  • the leaders come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds


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Target even more senior-level candidates

EG-Icons-1C-Top CandidatesHeadhunt Leading Talent

Direct search of senior-level professionals

For Training Providers

EG-Icons-1C-EventsAdvertise Training & Events

Training, seminars, conferences, executive development programs, self-study courses, webinars and events in one place for senior level managers