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  • seasoned executives serve in leadership, financial management, operations and functional management roles
  • these roles may include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs and the senior positions that report to them
  • the leaders come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds


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Direct search of senior-level professionals

For Training Providers

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Training, seminars, conferences, executive development programs, self-study courses, webinars and events in one place for senior level managers


Executive Grow has provided high quality services, professional attitude and great selection of candidates. This company is working with high standards and focus on customer needs. Even those candidates that are not looking for the job or are hard to reach – are found by Executive Grow. Team is motivated, service oriented and meets expectations of a client as well as candidates.

Sonata Laurinavičienė, Citadele, Personalo vadovė

Having entrusted a job to professionals, I straight away understood that I am saving a lot of time. By phone, they understood my needs perfectly well and promptly created an advertisement. I had no observations as to the job done. The candidates selected were perfectly aware of where they are going to work and what they could expect from a company. This shows that the Executive Grow team tuned into the customer‘s expectations and perfectly understood the customer’s task.

Expertise, capability to understand the customer‘s needs, efficient response, and well organized cooperation with a prompt feedback deserve high praise.

Vilūnė Spaičė, Douglas Generalinė Direktorė

When we started cooperating with Executive Grow, we understood that at long last we found a team we always were searching for. Sensitivity to the customer‘s requests and expectations, direct communication, and great attention to a customer and candidates. A job and results surpassed expectations. We are sure that, if a need be to find a new chief executive officer, we will employ the Executive Grow team to search for a candidature for this position.

Marijus Montvilas, Eoltas Vykdomasis Direktorius

The Executive Grow team is an outstanding entity in terms of execution speed, efficiency, and friendliness. A professional attitude, discretion, active communication, the analysis and scoping of candidate requirements, and the quality of service was exceptional. I would highly recommend Executive Grow to every business company.

Irma, HR Manager in Insurance industry

Executive Grow started operating as a web portal for a career service for executives and career growth on the whole. The professional Executive Grow team and operative solutions – that’s what appeals to me a great deal.

Marijus Tvarijonavičius, Good People

“ExecutiveGrow’s confidentiality allows candidates to provide a comprehensive profile so recruiters can find the most suitable candidate”.

Renata, Recruitment Agency

“ExecutiveGrow is a senior candidate source which has given us a number of impressive placements. It’s definitely works for us!”.

Tomas, Partner, HR search and recruitment

“Executive Grow has been an excellent source of candidates for hard to fill roles”

Dovilė, HR Manager, Logistics

“We use the executiveGrow candidate search because of its simplicity; it is intuitive and easy to use.”

Kristina, Search Consultant, HR search and Recruitment